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Thread: Z.d.Z. 25

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    Z.d.z. 25

    Today, while reading in some WW 2 german manuals, for the second time I read about a "Zug-und Druck-Zünder 25"= Z.D.Z. 25. The first time I thought, that this was a misprint. In this manual, dated 1939, it said that this fuze / igniter was no longer in production. Never have I seen or heard about this fuze before. Is there anyone here who knows anything about this fuze or may be even has a picture or drawing ? According to the model No. I assume, that this fuze was introduced in 1925 , but was outdated by 1939. The Z.D.Z. 29 is quite common and is one of the earliest german mine fuzes that I know.
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