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    Acoustic Detector Set 42

    only recently was I able to read TM-223C (1952) German Mine Warfare Equipment. Even now I do not know any source where to download this very, very interesting historical manual. The one about russian equipment, in this series, is available online as PDF from many sources. Here, for the first time I read about the acoustic detecting set that was used together with a command-detonating set for whole mine-lines. Apparently the acoustic sentry was so sensitive, that you could hear a man approaching from a few yards away. Each sentry was coupled to a mine near it, so that every mine could be detonated singly by a switch-panel. attached are fotos from the manual. Up until now I only knew the US-acoustic detectors that were dropped by planes in Vietnam.
    Bellifortis.Acoustic Detector Set 42 001.jpgAcoustic Detector Set 42 002.jpgAcoustic Detector Set 42 003.jpg

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    This is just one of sseveral acousstic firing sysems the germans had in WW II. I have the manual you are looking for in digital.Its a large file so not sure if I can up load it. But the real title is TM 5-223C
    any live or dug ordnance shown in my posts was dealt with by EOD personell




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