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    6pdr steel Projectile

    Hi all,

    I recently picked up a 1918 dated 6pdr case and projectile. I have attached some photos regarding the projectile as i am not quite sure of it.

    It was painted black by the previous owner so i decided to remove it to show through the original dark cast iron look but what i ended up with was steel which took me by surprise!
    At first i thought it looked chromed as it is very shiny and it looks like it has bled onto the driving band in the chroming process but i tried removing a section on the base with no luck, so is this a full steel projectile? There is also some pitting which makes me believe it is chrome over cast?

    It also has no markings or dates (possibly under chrome?) and it is solid which has also thrown me a little. So could it be a practice or solid steel shot?

    Id love to hear some opinions on what this could be and how old it may be.

    Apologies for the flipped images too...



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    Looks to be a chromed plated fired practice shot, should be approximately 175mm in length and made of cast iron.
    Date could be from WW1 or earlier or as late as WW2
    Hope that helps.




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