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    WW1 Austrian Navy 47mm

    Pictured is what I think is a complete round for the Austrian SFK 4.7cm L33 Hotchkiss gun of 1890. My understanding is this gun was license built for the Austrian Navy. I suspect the fuze is no more than a transit cap, although it does screw home properly. The case is 131mm long, rim 59mm and is the same case as what is referred to as the Japanese Yamanouchi Mk1 2.5pdr in British service. Do the 2 dots on the edge of the case indicate it has been reloaded? I thought to picture alongside the French 47mm revolver case which is clearly longer at 139mm.
    Glad to have your thoughts.
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    The dots or punch marks generally indicate reloads. Can't see the face of the fuze, but it is like the Demarest fuze in the common 1888 French 37mm Hotchkiss, which since this is just a larger version seems right. Nice round, you do not see many of them,unlike the Japanese version.




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