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    Syvyyspommi SP/31 and SP/41

    I am looking for good drawings of the Finnish depth charges SP/31 and SP/41 and details of their fuzes.
    These bombs, beyond their use by the Finnish Navy in the Russo Finnish wars and WW2, were also dropped from Finnish Blenheim and SB-2 bombers and Hoover, Rippon and Do22 seaplanes
    However these Finnish bombers seem to have also dropped the Swedish Sjunkbomb M/33

    All details about these bombs in Finnish service will be wellcome

    Syvyyspommi SP/31:
    Total Weight 207kg incl 135kg explosive
    Length 720 mm [or 710 mm]
    Diameter 445 mm
    Min depth 25m
    Max depth 80 m
    Sink rate: ?

    Syvyyspommi SP/41:
    Total Weight 180kg incl 125kg explosive
    Length 570 mm
    Diameter 450 mm
    Min depth 20
    Max depth 120 m
    Sink rate: ?

    SP/41 ?? (needs to be confirmed)
    syvyyspommi download.jpg

    Sjunkbomb M/33
    Height 845mm (900mm with fuze)
    Diameter 450 mm (440 mm ?)
    Weight 176kg incl 105kg explosive (there was an export variant of this bomb weighting 135kg)
    minimal depth 20m
    maximal depth ?
    sink rate 2.5m/s

    Sjunkbomb M/33
    sjunkbomb m33.jpg sjunkbomb m33 genomskuren.jpg

    SjunkBomb M/33 at the Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa
    SjunkBomb M33 Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa cache_2478605633.jpg

    Loading a Depth bomb under a Do-22
    102565.jpg sa-kuva-35195.jpg sa-kuva-35196.jpg sa-kuva-35197.jpg sa-kuva-35198.jpg

    Under a Finnish SB-2 on underwing rack and in bomb bay
    SB2 depth charge and bombs Image1.jpg SB2 depth charge Image2.jpg

    Under a Hoover MF-11
    Høver_M.F.11 (1).jpg
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