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    So anyway I've been doing my bit keeping "social distance" today and spent some time fiddling around with some number 1 bits.

    The picture shows the main components of a British number 1 grenade.

    1 The thin brass cup that fits over the end of the wooden handle. This then slides into the main body of the grenade.
    2 The brass disc that is soldered in position between the cup that fits over the handle and the main charge.
    3 The main body of the grenade
    4 The detonator housing. This screws into the main body of the grenade with 3 small screws.
    5 The detonator.
    6 The cap. This consists of a cap with a lead washer inside, through which is fitted the steel striker. The rim of the cap has a separate profiled edge that is fitted over the edge of the cap.
    7 The belt clip that is soldered onto the body of the grenade (I realise one piece is snapped off but you get the general idea :-)).
    8 Frag ring
    9 The 3 small screws that fit the detonator housing onto the main body of the grenade (the astute among you will realise they are repro's. Originals being shorter and made of steel)
    10 The brass pin that fits through the cap. It is secured in place with a string which in turn is secured with a small leather tab on a string.
    11 The main screws that fix the wooden handle to the main body of the grenade
    12 The hardwood plug that the cane handle fits into
    13 The cane handle that fits into the hardwood plug
    14 The 4 x cloth streamers that are fitted to the hardwood plug with small tacks



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