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Thanks a1brassansteel,

At first I was sure I saw this fuze somewhere, and now I remember, it looks like a Schneider fuze with adapter for export (Serbia). Maybe you could compare dimensions (see diagrams). Cyrillics markings could match.
I know different brass internal fuzes from Schneider with this kind of shape belong to the 35mm series.

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Burney Davis, I think your 70mm shells are fuzed with a similar device :

Attachment 145504

Thread about it : http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/thread...neider+chamond

Spot on Minen! The cap is the same as on the 70mm shells, the only difference being that the shape of the key slots are a different way up on each. And it came apart quite easily. Unsurprisingly the adaptor will not fit the 70mm shells that I have. Thanks to A1 for the lead and Minen for the final confirmation.