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Thread: Fuze Key No23

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    Fuze Key No23

    I picked up this Key No23 marked for plugs and D.A. Fuzes RL 11-18. It fits my steel, copper plated 2" fuze plug for 18Pr HE .
    I guess DA Fuzes means direct action? but I have not seen a fuze with a square needing this key. I guess they mean to remove the plug from the projectile. Can someone comment on this? Some photos to make the item interesting.7RnmTPSlRmWd+chhozYXjg_thumb_354.jpgnNhQIihBRFSYs9MFaF%%4Q_thumb_355.jpg6TisffY0QqeaWz3xkI51%A_thumb_356.jpgC3aAQuUbTY+38EKdD0U19w_thumb_357.jpgTAFcNle6QtezafSUqHdCig_thumb_35c.jpg

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    Ron, you are correct; the No.23 key fits a large number of safety caps for both GS gauge and 2-inch fuzes and plugs with the square hole. I can only recall one fuze that the key would have fitted: FUZE PERCUSSION ROYAL LABORATORY No. 7, which dates from about 1860 and was obsolete in 1911. The Multi-key No.5 was actuallyused.

    There are a large number of fuze and plug keys and I've listed over 35 used in WW1. There aren't too many that have survived though!

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