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    Strange Bofors Bombs

    I found this photo some time ago in a German book of the early thirties dealing with aircraft armament. I was rather puzzled by the shape of these bombs, this "collar step", moreover as they were different from what I always considered as being the first bombs produced by Bofors, the 1931 series adopted by the Swedish Airforce and sold quite successfully, the world over, from Argentina to China. It's also what is found in the sources I could access on Bofors bombs production.
    While looking lastly for information on the development of Czech bombs I happened to find this patent for a bomb rack devised in 1929 by Tolfvan - that seem to be the natural complement of the above mentioned bombs, and the explanation for this "collar step".
    This is interesting by two aspects:
    1) This is the indication that Bofors began developing and producing bombs quite earlier than previously thought.
    2) This also indicates that Tolvan went in the "bombs' business already by 1929 (it was previously a shipbuilding company) and this bomb rack may well have been the occasion of developing an interaction with Bofors that culminated when, from 1932 onwards, Tolfvan became the exclusive bombs producers for Bofors - till 1937, the "separation" coming as a result of the Swedish reform of the armament industry in late 1936 and the creation of SAAB.
    The end-1920s mysterious series:
    :Bofors special.jpg
    The 1931 "Typ Utter" series:
    Bofors 1931 Typ Utter.jpg
    Czech Patent for Tolfvan rack 1929 (patent deposed in 1929, published in 1931)
    Czech Patent for Tolfvan rack 1929 (published 1931).gif

    Can someone share more info on these bombs ?

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