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Thread: Baseball 37mm

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    Baseball 37mm

    Interesting 37mm here with baseball decal labels of the Washington Senators and the Baltimore Orioles. Both logos have not been used in many years. The Senators were formed back in1890 and now go by the name Washington Nationals. Anyhow I believe this shell was probably handed out as souvenirs during the time period. I do know WWI era 37mm's were sold at jewelry shops as gifts after the war. Times have sure changed since than. The shell is in great condition with no dings or dents and has a nice patina. Its marked M17 B1. The M17 case normally was rimless and used in an aircraft gun. The M16 case which is very similar has a rim and was used in the Stuart tank guns as well as the M3 anti-tank guns. The B1 means its a steel case. Enclosed is a side by side pic of another 37mm which clearly has a rim.
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