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    Krupp Gruson ID Plate & 12Pr Gun Team Photo

    I picked these up today, nothing much else.
    I have no idea what the plate is from, but what ever it was it was Big ~
    It is 6" x 3 3/4" in size and slightly concave as if to fit inside of a large
    Turret affair of some kind. Any ideas are welcome.

    It has crossed my mind that this plate was part of a Turret on an Imperial German
    Warship of some type. First scuttled at Scapa Flow then raised and scrapped, this
    plate being kept as a souvenir. Has any one ever run across that sort of thing before ?

    The Photo of a 12 pr. Gun Team in 1916 near Guelph Ontario is hard to get a good
    image of, it is much better than shown.
    "Sub Division. 55 O.S. BTY C.F.A. Guelph May 1916"
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