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    60Pr / 9.2" ammunition crate help needed...


    Good morning,

    I'm hoping someone here can shed some light as to what the lid section for this ammunition crate would have looked like in terms of design.
    This box was used for the 9.2" How charge bags and has stencils detailing charge sizes, lot no., date, etc, and interestingly also has 'BRABY 1916 60 PR' stamped into one side of the timber.
    I have built an exact replica (as seen in an earlier post), and would like to complete it with a lid, but can find no info or images of said lid (other than tiny, grainy images online). I'm striving for accuracy and detail, so a bit of a long shot.
    I'm guessing it would probably have been Pine boards with 2 batons nailed across the boards, pretty basic in design??
    I'd be very grateful for any help.
    Many thanks in advance!
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