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    Prosab 1,5kg clusterbomb, USSR

    Cutaway model of a Prosab 1,5kg clusterbomb. This clusterbomb must be one of the simpelest clusterbombs available, consisting of a steel fragmentation body with a steel cover screwed in top. The cover houses a small hole which houses the pyrotechnic delay.
    108 Prosab 1,5kg bombs are placed in nine stacked arrays of 12 pcs. in a Prosab 250kg clusterbomb body around a central retainer. The cluster bomb body has a time fuze on the nose which ignites a black powder charge. This has two functions: all 108 pyrotecnic delays are ignited simultaniously, and the pressure in the bomb body rises to a point where the bomb body opens like a matchbox, releasing all 108 Prosab 1,5 Kg cluster bombs. When the pyrotechnic delay is burned up, the flame will ignite the detonator which ignites the main charge.
    Depending upon release height and the setteing of the delay fuze the Prosab 1,5kg clusterbombs will explode in the air or on the ground. The Prosab 1,5 clusterbomb has no fins for guidance, so it will explode in random positions.
    Length Prosab 1,5 Kg: 94 mm
    Diameter Prosab 1,5 Kg : ΓΈ64 mm

    Regards, DJH
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