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    76,2 x 385R mm UBR354P HVAP cartridge

    Cutaway model of a 76,2 x 385R mm UBR354P HVAP cartridge for M1942 (ZIS-3) field gun. This gun also formed the main armament of the T34/76.

    Muzzle velocity: 965 m/s.
    Penetration: 92 mm at 500m at 90 degrees.
    Weight of projectile :3,1 kg. Length of projectile: 177 mm.
    length of complete cartridge: 535mm.

    The penetrator exists of a tungsten carbide bullet. Note should be taken of the fact that the core is "glued"in the projectile with mercurychloride (HgCl2) which is quite poisinous. With roomtemperature, the Mercury chloride is a kind of -solidified- plaster of paris that keeps the core in place. Upon impact , the schockwave changes the mercurychloride into a liquid at simultaniously.
    When sectioning this shell, gloves and a dustmask should be worn, the workplace vaccumcleaned (no broom) to remove all rests.

    regards, DJH
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    It is unwise to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up toxic powder. Some powder will not be captured by the filter and will become airborne, and spread all over the workshop.

    I think you would be better off using moist paper towel to clean up the powder.

    Mercuric Chloride is nasty. Exposure to less than a gram can be fatal.

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