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ID Small Detonator


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I came across this item that I believe is a small percussion detonator from an artillery fuze or similar. It is made of cast pot metal with a hole bored through the centre and a percussion cap pressed into the top (fired on this example). It is 24.5mm high and 20mm wide at its widest point. The precussion cap is brass and is sealed with reddish purple lacquer. There are no markings of any kind. See photo below next to 10p Piece for scale.

No its too small for the sd1 fuze,,at the moment im thinking adapter to convert into things such as grenades into boobytrap devices,im gonna see what i can find now,
for now tho heres the sd1 fuze for comparison


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    sd1 DSC00033.jpg
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This is sort of thing i was thinking of,for an example see the percussion cap/fuze adapter on this no6 release switch,
could be wrong just what i thought it could be


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im not sure its identicly the same but i think it looks a similar type component, on falcon example the percussion element is not at the threaded end ,falcon do you have any US ww2 pineapple grenades if so see if it screws into where the fuze screws in
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This is the standart percussion element for all American switches.


It doesn't match up to the US version as it is missing the upper threads and the lip at the top for crimping a cap.

Here is the US Coupling Base, Firing Device:

Box top

Inside of box to include interior cover

Side and Bottom view of Base Coupling
I only saw this thread just now. I do not have any US WW2 pineapple grenades as I only really collect bore fired ammunition.

I measured the thread on this today and it is a metric thread, OD 12mm with a 1.75mm Pitch. So that likely rules out USA manufacture.