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WW2 airplane posters


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In the midst of throwing things out, I ran across these three posters from the WW2 era. They are fairly large prints. With crunched up edges. Printed on what I would classify as card stock. They are original.
Maybe you need to spice up the walls in the living or dining room. Maybe over the headboard of the bed. Worst case, on the ord display room wall. (OR, let the wife decide where.) (Might want to soak them first per her suggestion of placement)
Would hate to see them go up in flames. I can mail them via protective shipping tube. All I need is prepaid shipping cost. Posters are FREE!!! First come, first served.

old airplane 1 (2).jpg old airplane 2 (2).jpg old airplane 3 (2).jpg

These stamps were on the back of the B24 nose and B25 pics

old airplane 5 (2).jpg old airplane 4 (2).jpg

UPDATE - Gone/won
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