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  1. British 105mm Drill HESH L30A1

    For sale British 105mm Drill HESH L30A1

    For sale is a British 105mm Drill HESH L30A1 Collection Only NR Winchester
  2. O

    ID request: US or Japanese 105mm illumination, smoke, gas (?) projectile???

    Hi, I've just spotted something that would be a really good addition to my collection, *IF* I can ID it as being Japanese.... See the attached pictures. Woefully poorly repainted, but it does show several features that one also typically sees on Japanese projectiles around the 75mm and taller...
  3. T

    ID 2 types of 105mm BE smoke projectiles

    Hi All, First of all best wishes, including lots of collector fun, for the new year! I have two types of 105mm base ejection smoke (?) projectiles for identification, both (to be) equiped with a British time fuze. One has a very long elongation behind the driving band. There are remnants of a...
  4. WW2 German 105mm

    WW2 German 105mm

    WW2 German 105mm Navy - Waffenamt hiding below later stamps
  5. WW2 German 105mm

    WW2 German 105mm

    WW2 German 105mm Navy - Good clear stams
  6. WW2 German 105mm

    WW2 German 105mm

    WW2 German 105mm Navy
  7. W

    105mm Tank Shell?

    Hey guys! I have recently obtained a 105mm tank shell casing. I believe it to be a 105x617mm, but I also want to know what type of round it is (HESH, HEAT, APFSDS-T and so on). The primer tube is over 10 inches long but I do not know the exact measurements. And is there any way to date it? The...
  8. German Sturmhaubitz At Saumur

    German Sturmhaubitz At Saumur