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    303 rounds, more info please.

    Any help on this little lot would be much appreciated.....This is a lot were all live when I bought them, i had them made inert and then sent from the States. so my questions are. Pics 1 & 2..... SA Ball mk7 Greenwood & Batley 1945. In Tonys book it shows this headstamp but in the notes if I am...
  2. J

    .303 Ammunition 1942

    I have a 1942 marked .303 inch round from an aircraft and have identifed the other marking of K2. However, the is a W 1 which I am not sure of, can anyone help???
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    Need info on British WWII 303 mkVII Packaging

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me please, I'm making a Type C container for an SOE drop display (Section F , France), I have various weapons( Bren , Sten (mk2) , 2 x Lee Enfield, browning automatic, and S/w 38), but I need to have some ammunition packs in the as well, I appreciate the...