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40mm bofors

  1. tigbrand

    WW2 US 40mm Bofors Rounds

    The US Bofors L60 rounds are the only American items that I would like to own. (Other than the 75mm used with the Sherman etc), and would look amazing with the different British L60 items I have! These are like hens teeth in Britain. Perhaps some of you guys could post some pics to show all the...
  2. J

    Help with identification please!

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I believe from the markings on it it's 1942, that's about all I can tell really. The markings are: No 251 IA E.A.C 1942, this is on the very top of the shell, which I believe is the fuse. on the underside/ bottom is ㊶ W.D.C IZ CL-D. The fuse unscrews and...