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  1. E

    Unknown 6 pounder headstamp

    A few days ago i got my hands on this 6 pounder casing but noone seems to recognize the headstamp, so i come to ask for help. its a 6 pounder Anti tank gun casing(57x441r). People have noted how the brass looks different to normal brass and after comparing it to a 25 pounder casing i can say it...
  2. K

    6pdr cartridge case markings

    Hi all, So i recently received this 1901 dated British 6pdr cartridge case. This is probably a stretch, but from what i know about British tanks in the first world war, some cases were apparently marked "T" for tank or "L" for land. This case has a " T" next to the "x37" marking (which i am...
  3. British 6pr Oqf At Saumur

    British 6pr Oqf At Saumur

  4. Weasel

    WW1 6pr Round

    Hi All, Thought i would post a few pics of a recently completed round, i have had the case and projectile for a little while but have been on the look out for a hotchkiss base fuze for some time until one came my way the other day. Nice to have it finished, Best regards Weasel.