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  1. G

    76mm Hotchkiss gun

    Hello, Can any onetell me what the case and shell dimensions are for the 76mm Hotchkissgun the English used in the Boer war. Thanks Jim
  2. H

    76mm SH PRAC Scorpion Tank Round Stencil

    OK I quit ! I surrender ! Im just frankly and plainly chucking the towel in !!! :bigsmile: Will anyone sell me a "ready to go" stencil for a 76mm SH PRAC ? Ive tried and tried but I CANT DO IT ! so ill pay a fair price if someone will sell me one ? many many thanks !
  3. Sherman M4a3e8 At Tankfest

    Sherman M4a3e8 At Tankfest

  4. Russian T34/76 At Saumur

    Russian T34/76 At Saumur

  5. American M10 Tank Destroyer At Saumur

    American M10 Tank Destroyer At Saumur

  6. D

    RO 76mm projectile specs

    Hello, I am trying to find out the specs for the 76mm projectile manufactured by RO for the Saladin & Scorpion platforms. If you can help I would be most grateful.