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  1. wingsofwrath

    17-pdr APCBC-T Dimensions?

    Since I finally managed to pick up a 17-pdr cartridge case (straightforward to do in the UK, slightly more difficult at the other end of the continent) I was thinking of 3D printing myself a projectile to go with it. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a proper blueprint with dimensions...
  2. wingsofwrath

    6-pdr 7cwt APCBC dimensions

    Hello, does anybody have proper dimensions for the British QF 6-Pdr 7cwt APCBC projectile? I got a case recently and plan on 3d-printing the projectile for it, but all I have is this drawing of the US M86 on which the given dimensions don't actually match up with the drawing and contradict...
  3. M

    WW1 German 15cm AP or APC or APCBC

    Can anyone correctly ID this 15cm shell ? I think it is a WW1 German APC or APCBC. Its clearly missing the ballistics cap and the base plate. Any help would be much appreciated.