British Ordnance Collectors Network

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  1. timmymac

    My far!

    Greetings from the Lone Star State! i think I've gone long enough without sharing some pics with y'all. so here ya go! Love this site! Regards
  2. C

    my shelf collection

    this is my collection of ordnance and other bits and pieces bullets in first picture left to right: 9mm, 9mm luger, 44 whinchester round, i don't know the 4th one, 7.62mm round and a .50cal bmg round. the olther things there are a 7.62mm shell belt, gp7v gas mask with accessories, ammo case...
  3. Weasel

    My Collection

    Hi all, Thought it was about time that i posted a pic or two of my collection, It has been great to get all of this lot out of storage and set it up, taken a few hours though, i don't have the room in my house to display it all so it will be going back away again soon. I could not get it all...