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    Starstreak and Starburst missiles!

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    New acquisition: AIM-7 WGU

    My latest acquisition from a sale at a Northrop Grumman warehouse; a complete AIM-7 WGU. Gonna go and do a little cleanup and resto work but this is hands down the cleanest missile I own yet. Also got it for a killer deal below $100. Documentation for the internals, including depot service...
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    Kh-59MK2 Submunition ID

    Hello All, I recently came across a post on an Instagram account called "p1x_militarist" that has been covering the war in Ukraine. The post shows a Kh-59MK2 missile shot down over Ukraine. Apparently these are designed to carry submunitions, which as far as I'm aware is the only Kh-59 variant...
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    18" airdropped torpedo components

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can identify any of the components I have rescued from a ww2 18" airdropped tordedo, most parts are made of bronze or brass or steel, thankyou
  5. Refurbished TOW

    Refurbished TOW

    final resting place in Man Cave (ie. The Bunker)
  6. Refurbished TOW

    Refurbished TOW

  7. Refurbished TOW

    Refurbished TOW

    One original and three home-made rear fins...
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    Unknown rocket/missile

    I recently won an auction for part of a rocket/missile. While the seller mentioned some possibilities in his ad, he didn't know for sure what it is. Does anyone have a better idea? Here is the link to the auction with the pictures. I can take more when it arrives in the mail. Thanks for any...


    I think a Rapier Missile without warhead
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    AT-7 Saxhorn (AT-13 Metis)

    Would anyone have any information on this weapon system? Anything would help, pictures would be great help. Thank you