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    Need info on British WWII 303 mkVII Packaging

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me please, I'm making a Type C container for an SOE drop display (Section F , France), I have various weapons( Bren , Sten (mk2) , 2 x Lee Enfield, browning automatic, and S/w 38), but I need to have some ammunition packs in the as well, I appreciate the...
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    English WW1 Ammo Boxes - Help Needed for Theatre Props

    Hello, I'm a new member, and I'm hoping that some of you can give me some assistance.... I am a theatre props supervisor in London and am just starting work on the stage adaption of Sebastian Faulks novel 'Birdsong' which is opening in the West End in the Autumn. Set in the trenches for a...