British Ordnance Collectors Network

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  1. spotter


    A couple of weeks ago a fellow bocn member very kindly sent me a relic sd2 butterfly to have a go at restoring, i wont go into detail how i did it as i was out of my depth with this one and fumbled along with lots of trial error and language i even embaressed myself with i eventually managed to...
  2. AB 23 SD-2 submunitions dispenser

    AB 23 SD-2 submunitions dispenser

    World War II AB 23 SD-2 submunitions dispenser, complete with several SD2 anti-personnel bombs. Nicknamed the butterfly bomb, the dispenser canister was dropped all over Europe by the Luftwaffe.
  3. whsammler

    My First SD-2....almost there.......!

    Like the song "WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS" (Joe Cocker version) Im 99% complete on my first SD-2. Fellow members here on the BOCN & the WAF have been very generous in their help with locating bits or with info on this project. Without you guys....& you know who you are This would not...