British Ordnance Collectors Network

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  1. whsammler

    The Postman Always rings Twice! with an SD10 in his bag.

    Another new addition to the collection. Nice 1937 dated SD10. From the looks of it its the thick walled unit. This is my first air dropped bit of kit & to say Im chuffed would be ab understatement!!! I would really like to put it back to original. So I need some help locating the correct fuze...
  2. whsammler

    Almost mine.....SD10.

    Working a deal to acquire this vet bring-back #WWII #Luftwaffe SD10. Needs a fuze & repaint. Does any one have a nice fuze to sell to go with this unit? This is my first air dropped bit of German ordnance. Im thinking of restoring it back to its original colours...