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  1. H

    18" airdropped torpedo components

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can identify any of the components I have rescued from a ww2 18" airdropped tordedo, most parts are made of bronze or brass or steel, thankyou
  2. pkm594

    WWI German Torpedo Information

    Hi there, I am looking for information on German WWI torpedoes, I would like some photographs and cutaways if possible especially the G6 variant.
  3. Russian Torpedo with remote control

    Russian Torpedo with remote control

    Iraq Naval Weapons. Prototype remote control torpedo.. not sure if it made to production...
  4. S

    A202--Italian Portable Torpedo

    While browsing for information on the LCAW, an Italian ultralight torpedo, I found a brief mention of an interesting variant: "A202: a 16 kg variant for frogmen use, launched from a Bazooka-like launcher called Medusa, first adopted by Italian naval special force." Now, I'm fully aware of how...