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    Japanese Tank & Antitank Warfare 25 June 1945 PDF

    Hi Folks, Yet again another PDF file for your reference archives. Japanese Tank & Antitank Warfare 25 June 1945 produced by the Military Intelligence Division, War Dept. Washington DC This is the forerunner to the more commonly found publication of the same name. This version dated 25th June...

    RAAF Standard Gunnery Notes for Air Crew 1943 PDF

    Hi Folks, I have just completed another PDF to add to your reference material. It is RAAF Standard Gunnery Notes For Air Crew 1943 produced by Air Force HQ Melbourne Australia. There could be a simular British manual, but am not sure. This WWII manual covers in great detail from the .303...

    Aust. Military Forces Technical Intelligence Summaries - Japan PDFs

    G'day mates, At long last I have finished producing 14 PDF files of the WWII Australian Military Forces Technical Intelligence Summaries. These summaries cover every kind of Japanese equipment and ordnance that they captured in the field. There is something for everybody. whether you are into...
  4. Chinese ordnance

    Chinese ordnance

  5. R

    Help with ID, possible 90mm WWII AP Anti-Tank Shell

    This shell was found in the desert near Barstow CA in 1982 when a guy drove over it in his motorcycle and was tossed into some sagebrush. I may be a US 90mm armor piercing anti-tank round; there is a threaded shallow hole in the base for possible tracer placement. Am I on target with the ID?
  6. 3

    Found Unknown Mortar

    Hello, I'm a estate and a garage sale hound. Rarely I run into Inert Ordinance at local sales here in the biggest city in Montana, Billings. Attached is picture is a Mortar (I think it's a Mortar) I found that I have no clue about. I have Ian V. Hogg's book, and there is nothing quite like...
  7. Royal Navy caps WWII

    Royal Navy caps WWII

  8. Royal Navy caps WWII

    Royal Navy caps WWII