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Bratri (2023)


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This Czech film is about a successful early 1950's escape to West Germany by a group of young men who hated Communist ideas https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14232442/. I realise that in this era of everyone loving Communism and Socialism such a post may get me myself into trouble, but I'll take my chances. Well made, with great makeup artistry, in Czech, German, English and Russian. Historically the action is directly linked to IIWW. I personally can fully identify with the people portraited in the movie.
Hmm, it is just the small 'woke' part of out society whom never had the 'pleasure' to live under communist rule that seems to think communism and it's terror is the way to go. Send them to North Korea for a year, and they'll be completely cured when returned.
I was walking in Manhattan and bumped into this ad, it looked like something belonging to this conversationcigar.jpg