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CSS Neuse, Kinston, NC


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This is a museum containing the remnants of a Confederate Navy CSS Neuse and a replica built on land about 600 feet (not sure in metres) behind the museum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSS_Neuse. I'll post the detailed photos inside the replica later. Look how modern the side outline of the ship is.
So, there are 2 things right next to each other, the museum which contains the remnants of the original ship AND the replica of CSS Neuse where you may walk in and see how it felt to be on this ship. I'll start with the museum itself. The museum has 2 floors. The 1st one has the ship itself and supporting artifacts. The 2nd floor contains general ACW history and historic items/displays.
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I made an instant friend with a museum curator and he pulled a box of ACW fuses and explained what they were. Here they are.
Now for "The Replica" a full size model of the original ship. It is right next to the museum, a 1 minute walk.