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German 12,8cm (128mm) Pzgr 43 Jadgtiger Projectile Reproduction (Fake)

Thank you for this post Steve. Very noble of you to admit your mistake on the forum. It probably would have fooled me too.
Here is a picture of one that sold on Gunbroker in about 2011 - it would help if someone can also verify this as genuine or not. The drive bands are unusual. I believe it sold for $2000+ with the casing.
As far as yours, if I had an empty 128 case I would want to fill it - and would probably pay $300 for such a nice replica (knowing I would not find a real one here in the US).
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is this for sale ? and how much ?
I have a Jagdtiger projectile which is ballistically capped. The ones for the flak only have a piercing cap. I have -in all my yeats of collecting- not ever seen a Jagdtiger shellcase, only a Pak 45 shellcase which is in fact a scaled up KwK43 shellcase.


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