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Impact Zone by Jim Brown - The Battle of the DMZ in Vietnam, 1967-1968

John R Blair Jr

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The University of Alabama Press / Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0380

You can imagine my delight when I learned that James Brown my eye doctor's dad Jim Brown had been an artilleryman with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children in Vietnam... and WROTE A BOOK about it!!!!

from Amazon:
A Vietnam War combat memoir from the perspective of an artilleryman

Impact Zone documents Marine First Lieutenant James S. Brown's intense battle experiences, including those at Khe Sanh and Con Thien, throughout his thirteen months of service on the DMZ during 1967-68. This high-action account also reflects Brown's growing belief that the Vietnam War was mis-fought due to the unproductive political leadership of President Johnson and his administration. Brown's naiveté developed into hardening skepticism and cynicism as he faced the harsh realities of war, though he still managed to retain a sense of honor, pride, and patriotism for his country.

Impact Zone is a distinctive book on the Vietnam War because it is told from the perspective of an artilleryman, and the increasingly dangerous events gain momentum as they progress from one adventure to the next. Impact Zone is not only an important historical document of the Vietnam conflict, but also a moving record of the personal and emotional costs of war.

Semper fi 1ST Lt. Brown
Cpl. Blair 5811 USMC


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