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Maybe bomb fuze?


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Good evening everyone, has anyone ever seen a similar object?
I would trace it back to some airplane bomb fuze but I'm not 100% convinced.
The only information I have is that it was found on a beach in Furbara near Rome.


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I only know a Polish bomb fuze with this shape (difference : vanes and not suspension lug - brass or steel body).
The shape is characteristic of the Skoda bomb Fuzes. However, as Minenaz wote, these fuzes are generally topped by a vane. I am not aware of such fuzes with a vertical suspension and (possibly) a vane (absent here) on the lower segment.
Maybe Nabob or Akon can be of help.

These are photos of of a typical Skoda bomb fuze - here for 20kg bombs:


  • ICE-JV-171-4a Skoda Fuze for 20kg Bombs.JPG
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48/60 UD wz. 35

Interesting that it was found in Italy [Furbara Air Base]. I haven't found anything about the export/testing of this fuze /or others/ in Italy. On the subject of aviation: interest in patents, for example, a patent for a bomb slip by Eng. Świątecki was purchased by the "Caproni" company.

The bomb fuse in the photo is not a design of Škoda or other companies produced in Czechoslovakia.
The hanging eye is also not a structure that was manufactured, tested or imported into the Czechoslovakia .