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Unknown Mine British ?


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Hi, Could anyone identify this mine, The mine comes in 3 parts and the base pattern reminds me of the Mk 7's base made at ROF Nottingham. It weighs 6.6kg as it stands.

Web unknown mine 002.jpgWeb unknown mine 003.jpgWeb unknown mine 004.jpgWeb unknown mine 005.jpgWeb unknown mine 006.jpgWeb unknown mine 007.jpgWeb unknown mine 009.jpg


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    Web unknown mine 001.jpg
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It's just UITM-60 (УИТМ-60) according to Russian (Soviet-era) manuals, so the initial hyphen spacer isn't present. A diagram from a 1976 Russian manual is below

Uses the UIMV-60 (УИМВ-60) fuze, which isn't present in the images.

The UITM-60 is designed to emulate the TM-57 (ТМ -57) anti-tank blast mine.


  • UITM-60 (УИТМ-60) Training Mine Diagram - 1.jpg
    UITM-60 (УИТМ-60) Training Mine Diagram - 1.jpg
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Photo of the mine and a drawing.

Regards Chris


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Thank you to you all for the information Most helpful, I have now started to free off the springs with some Duck oil and will probably coat in wax and leave it as it is.