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Web sites rather than book or film reviews


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Here is a web site I recently found: www.mlrsbooks.co.uk I also scanned the naval and military press web site: www.naval-military-press.com and found references to repro copies of old books, some about ammo, others about tactics / use of weapons and others that are histories of campaigns, divisions and battalions. One or two are in other languages, such as German. Some of the books are not cheap. Worth spending a bit of time in searching.
Just for info I have contacted MLRS Books today, with a view to getting them to reprint the various copies of DWS Notes on (British) Ammunition that I hold, before those publications are too fragile to reproduce. They say they are interested but I do not know the likely timescales for production. The DWS notes are not marked with dates of publication, just dates when printed. Those that I hold are as follows:

Issue No 6A section 1: Methods of demolition (5/43).
Issue No 6A section 2: Demolition stores (9/43).
Issue No 7A Sections 1 to 7: Chemical weapons (Chargings, markings, nomenclature; description; storage; Inspection, venting, sampling; detection, disposal; decontamination; instructions for issue & transport). (undated but appears to be amended to 1945).
Issue No 12: Grenades (7/43).
Issue No 14: Mines (10/42).
Issue No 15 (section 1): Mortar bombs (3 inch) (10/42).
Issue No 15 section 2: 2 inch mortar bombs (9/43).
Issue No 15 section 3: 29 mm spigot mortar ammunition (9/43).
Issue No 15 section 4: 4.2 inch smooth bore mortar ammunition (9/43).
Issue No 18: Generators (9/43).
Issue No 20: The storage of ammunition & explosives in the field (12/42).

I will send them to the firm and keep you informed as to likely publication dates. I have sat on them for so long and it is time that the information that might be useful to you as collectors was widely available. The firm says that it has many such publications but is especially keen for info on the 4.2 inch mortar and 29 mm spigot mortar. I think their long term goal may be to publish all in one go.