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What is it??


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Found this last weekend, unfortunately it has been trench arted, however, it still retains it's origibal size: 118 x 30.5 mm (this geing the rim diameter) and a caliber which seems to be 20 mm. marking on one cartridge are TC R 10 10 and a French grenade as well as the letter for the metal supplier and the second one says TC APX 8 08.

IMG_0110 D20U.jpgIMG_0111 D20U.jpgIMG_0114 D20U.jpg
These cases are for a French navy "tube canon" sub calibre insert. This insert would have been installed in large naval guns for target practise use.

T.C Stands for "Tube Canon"

The first one was made at Rennes in October 1910.

The second was made at Puteaux in August 1908.
These cases also exist with much later dates, but for some reason they are much harder to find. I have a 1937 and a 1938 dated case.

I have a drawing of one with the designation "Cartouche de 20 mm pour Tube-Canon Mle. 1893-95".
Guess it's the one.


  • 20mm French Tube Canon Mle 1893.jpg
    20mm French Tube Canon Mle 1893.jpg
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I got 3 Tube Cannon cases from a friend for ID. The first one was easy, as I know the 20x119R30,6 as discussed in this thread. In one of the hyperlinks it is stated it is used for the 10 c/m CTR mle 1881 , 138,6 , 164,7 and 194 m/m navy guns.

But the other 2 cases, that are similar of shape, are different. They measure 19x102R28 (marked "T.C.G." and manufacturer/year "A.PX 09") and 19x93R28 (marked manufacturer "A.PX" and year "1902". The second case is clearly cut down, I think they are the same. The 102 mm long case also looks cut. Still, the rim diameter is different as is the caliber.

Anybody knows the use for these other Tube Cannon shell cases?
These cartridges were for a naval use in navy guns. But i think that the army (not the navy) used also a shorter model stamped APX but not really used . To confirm ....