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  1. blockhaj

    40 mm Bofors L/60 and L/70 variants, designations, data and history research

    So this is a continuation of this thread: Now why did i make a new thread u may ask? Well its because of the amazing feature of not being able to edit the OP after a certain ammount of time. This...
  2. tigbrand

    WW2 US 40mm Bofors Rounds

    The US Bofors L60 rounds are the only American items that I would like to own. (Other than the 75mm used with the Sherman etc), and would look amazing with the different British L60 items I have! These are like hens teeth in Britain. Perhaps some of you guys could post some pics to show all the...
  3. G

    40MM Cutaways, worth?

    Howdy Gents, I have several 40MM US and foreign low and high velocity grenades (all inert) and was wondering what the approximate value on them be if I made some of them into cutaways? Are cutaways more valuable to collectors, or less than an inert complete round? I've seen a few go for quite a...
  4. A

    40 mm Bofor "Training Round" - Please help ID

    Good Day All This item is being offered as a "training" round. Is there any way that it is infact so? The projectile looks like a practice and the case like a HE -T. The two do not even look matched. Your comments would be appreciated.
  5. S

    2 pounder No241 Fuze.

    I recently received these two detonators. I know they are for the 2 pounder, but this type of information I can find anywhere. I like to hear more from you. Thanks. Greetings
  6. Weasel

    WW2 US 40mm Bofors Colour Question

    Can anyone tell me what the colour red with white stripe on the fuze signified please, cant make it out in the picture as its to low quality to zoom. Best regards Weasel.
  7. F0031

    40mm projectile identification

    I need help to identify this 40mm projectile. I don't have a case for it. There are markings 'J' and 'SA' below the copper band, and possibly a small upside-down 'T' to the left of the 'J'. The thing that goes inside is made of wood, with a felt pad stuck on the sharp end (!). Thanks in...