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  1. E

    ID Confirmation Mills No5 Please

    Hi All I have been going through my fathers stuff following his death and have come across this Grenade. Now I think that it is a Mills No5 and made in August 1915. I was just wondering if I'm right and roughly what its worth please? I remember this as a kid 50 years ago as he used to use it...
  2. spotter

    No36 M II Grenade

    No36 M Mk II Body stamped VADIS I Rear of body under the lever marked 2 F Lever marked D.H.S. Baseplug marked No 36 M II then very faint marking of SEG ? SFG ? /60 43 Center tube marked Z 44 SCR ? Thanks for looking Allan
  3. E

    Unknown Mills Companies?

    Hello all, I have found a few companies within my collection that I am not sure on or have no idea at all. Any help would be apricated. Luke Left to right: No5 mk1 - S.B&Co No23 mk3 - HSC No36 mk1 - TL No36 mk1 - D&MB - lever was stamped the same. Body was stamped DM No36m mk1 - R&AM No36m...
  4. E

    Mills Body Companies - Questions

    Hello all, I have a bit of spare time so I have been going through my mills looking at the companies. I had a few questions and wondered if anyone could help. I know the stamp MF is R&A Main, Falkirk. As you can see from my pictures below one is followed by a L and the other a H. What does the...
  5. Yugo M35

    Yugo M35

    Dated 1940
  6. Yugo M35

    Yugo M35

    Dated 1940
  7. Yugo M35

    Yugo M35

    Dated 1940
  8. 'boil in the bag' Mills

    'boil in the bag' Mills

    last batch British Mills, 1972.
  9. 'boil in the bag' Mills

    'boil in the bag' Mills

    last batch British Mills, 1972.
  10. 'boil in the bag' Mills

    'boil in the bag' Mills

    last batch British Mills, 1972.
  11. F

    Possible Russian M-1912 Training Grenade?

    Has anyone seen anything like this before. Belongs to a friend who sent me these photos. No markings.
  12. Hand Grenade

    Hand Grenade

    Origin: R.O. Uruguay Model: MU1 -S.M.A. Type: Exercise instruction Weight: 0.38 Kg Main load: Inert (Sand and Paraffin) Body: Blue plastic Brands: Embossed on your body Fuze: Cardoen of pyrotechnic delay from 4 to 4.5 sec
  13. Hand Grenade

    Hand Grenade

    Origin: R.O. Uruguay. Model: MU1 Type: Fragmentation Weight: 0.45 Kg. Main Load: T.N.T. Body: Stamped metal, with pre-marked wire winding. Brands: In yellow Fuze: Cardoen of pyrotechnic delay, time 4 to 4.5 sec
  14. U

    Another Mills No. 5 I Base Plug

    Hi there, after the 'Dover ltd' was identified that quickly, I would like to join with a question to theexperts. Any chance to identify this one despite the damage? And by the way: What does the 'V'-shaped mark (arrow?) in the center stand for ? Thanks in...
  15. My collection

    My collection

  16. My collection

    My collection

  17. My collection

    My collection

  18. G

    40MM Cutaways, worth?

    Howdy Gents, I have several 40MM US and foreign low and high velocity grenades (all inert) and was wondering what the approximate value on them be if I made some of them into cutaways? Are cutaways more valuable to collectors, or less than an inert complete round? I've seen a few go for quite a...
  19. B

    Appearance of a properly assembled No.16 grenade

    Hello all! I'm still trying to get the feel of this site, so please excuse me if this question has been asked/answered before. I acquired a No. 16 fragmentation grenade marked with the initialsw DL inside of a diamond, and under that is the date 1915. It has its base plug, and screwed into...
  20. M19A1 WP Smoke Rifle Grenade

    M19A1 WP Smoke Rifle Grenade

    There's a personal story attached to these photos