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war and peace show

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    War & Peace Revival Show - 17-21st July - BOCN Invitation

    INVITATION To all BOCN Members. You are welcome to join us for a drink and buffet food at the War & Peace Revival Show. We will be holding a Sundown open networking event each evening between 18:00 19:00 on the public open days ( 17th - 21st July ) Come and join the staff of Military...
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    War & Peace Revival - stall space available

    I have a some stall space available at the W&P show 17-21st July 2013 for anyone wishing to sell militaria or downsize their ordnance collection. It is available to BOCN members on a first come first served basis. Stall space available on a daily basis in multiples of 1m width upto a maximum...
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    Nazi Coins at Beltring

    Did anyone receive any mutilated British coins at Beltring this year ? We were passed a mutilated 50p piece at our stall with Nazi insignia stamped over it.. The coin has been over-stamped with the German Eagle and Swastika over the Queens head and the SS symbol on the other face. Just...