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1 1/2 Pounder - Replica primer and odd HS


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I acquired this 1 1/2 Pounder case which appears to be an unfired case where someone has fitted a replica primer. It seems to be a very well made replica that someone took their time on, even down to stamping original-looking stampings on it. Does anyone have any idea who made the primer?

The case is also interesting as it appears to have gone through the headstamping process three times, one in 1918 and once in 1919. There is clearly a date of 1918 stamped underneath the 1919 date. There is also "191" and another "R.L" at about 40 degrees to the dates, and other evidence that it was stamped again at this angle as well. What could have been the reason for this?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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