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1.5 pr cow gun cartridges


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A friend and i picked these two cases up at Horndean over the weekend, i struggled to find one of these for ages only to find two for sale on the same stall. Good price as well, intersting to see two different head stamps i know there must be more...If anyone has a spare projectile or two knocking around then let me know.
Best regards Weasel.


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I saw those cases as well.

Do you have any contact information for the dealer who had them? He had some other stuff I wish I had bought now. I always end up doing that, walking away later and thinking I wish I'd had that.
Sorry don't know who he was Falcon although if you send Rickoshea a PM he might know who he was. A long shot but you never know, i did a simmilar thing of not taking very much money with me that could be a good thing though...
Best regards Weasel.
Hi Weasel, is this of interest?
I'll send you a PM.


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