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1 inch aiming or nordenfeld?


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Is this case shown in the picture a late 1 inch aiming tube case or a 1 inch nordenfeld case? The aiming tube cases i have are both marked E 1 and have pressed primers not screwed,any ideas?

pictures too big to view so i have it in the following post .....spotter

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Tigbrand sorry i cant help with this one the only info i have is on the electric primer 1 in aiming roundand this doesnt give any info on the cartridge types,I can post this info if its any use for future reference

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Nordenfelt ?

Wouldn't the Nordenfelt have three heavy indents or crimps to match the crimp groove near the base of the projectile, Aiming cases seem to be push fits, with no indents - If I recall correctly.
1 inch cases

Aiming rifles used Nordenfeldt cases but Nordenfelt cases are always percussion cap, aiming can be percusion or electric of various formats. Some aiming have a groove around the case to prevent the bullet pushing down and three indents. The very best book on these is British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938 by P.Labbett which has a section that covers both types of round.