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1 Inch Nordenfelt projectile


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I got this 1" Nordenfelt projectile today at an antiques market. It is in okay condition but is slightly pitted and has been polished. However, it has not been fired. Was it worth the fiver I paid for it?

dont know what one normally costs but i would have happily paid a fiver for it,nice little item to have in the collection
There was a complete round same projectile sold here at auction for over 50-60 euro so a fiver seems pretty reasonable.
Hi Falcon,your shell was worth a fiver,no probs. Are you you sure its not been fired,and polished out? Still have some 1 inch aiming bits, sent you an e mail a while back?? Regards Tony.
I'm pretty sure it was never fired, it doesn't show any evidence of rifling marks.

I have recently seen quite a few fired plain lead 1" Aiing rifle bullets around, I have a couple. They appear to have come out of water somehwere.

I never got an email with some more pics of the 1" Aiming rifle stuff and the other bits if you sent it.