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10" anti-submarine shell


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hi all had to show off the new shell i bought a ww1 anti sub shell and this ones in exellent condition it allways looks better when you have a pair in the collection the black one is a practice shell

regards lee


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they look big heavy lumps,its good to see some British stuff coming back onto site ,thanks for posting them Lee,
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Hey well done lee thats another pair of nice rounds you have got to hide under the stairs at christmas. Very nice adition to your collection.
Best Weasel.
thanx guys hopefully i can sort out a proper display room this year the lounge is getting a bit full now

regards lee

wish i had themoney for such things :tinysmile_cry_t4:
Nice items

Lee, you need a new house possibly on an industrial estate with an attached wharehouse :eek:

Nice to see something that is a little different.
Very nice Lee.

Do you have an data on these? Weight, weight of HE, gun fired from, muzzle velocity, range, fuzing, effective depth - that kind of thing?
hi tony have a look at my other thread when i first bought the black one. its under the same title and thats all the info i have on them

regards lee
Found it, thanks Lee.

I only wish that Conway would extract their collective digit and publish Campbell's "Naval Weapons of World War 1" which they've been sitting on since his death many years ago.