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1000 lb ?id

hi there found this in a garden half stripped and painted pink ???
ive rubbed down and primed it and want to know what colour it would have been and any other info as i cant find any its marked;TAIL no 114 mk 5 12A/963570 1/84
the inside paint is perfect and seems original its a bit darker than nato green any help apreciated


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cheers im happy for free

thanks lee do you think it would have been the green inside? hard to tell as they done a good job of stripping it ;but why oh why pink? i think its from a 1000 lb incendiary bomb but not 100%
Standard 1000lb british bomb tail. Pink? where, if on the rim it may well have come from the wrongly painted item it was secured to.
pink allover

it was glossed bright pink all over took me a week to strip no seeds im afraid could try a cutting
anyone know were theres a picture of one complete
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