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1000lb British Bomb Tail Fin


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Well here's the 1000lb tail fin, I just wish I had a bomb casing to put it on! Also a pic of a 250lb British Bomb, this haunted the antique shops in Chichester for many years. The bomb is painted with the following story, dropped on Shoreham Airport 1942. Locally this bomb was known to have been in a garden for several years. Now the question is, whilst we know there are accounts of the Germans dropping British bombs captured in 1940, would they still have been using stocks as late as 1942? Another interesting thing I found out recently is that they also dropped French Incendiary Bombs! I guess anything was fair game.

I would be very keen to obtain a tail fin for the 250lb bomb so if anyone comes accross one on their travels please do drop us a line. Like wise if anyone comes across a 1000lb bomb case (as you do).




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Its an interesting story, although what would the germans had used for fuzing on this british bomb as none of theirs would be usable.i suppose it could have been captured stock?
I agree, although there are several books that mention it did happen, I also wonder how the bombs would be carried in a German aircraft as they are a completely different shape? Does anyone have any intelligence reports that detail this? It would be nice to confirm one way or the other.