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105 X 770 case


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Attached are photos of a very long 105mm case.
Several design numbers on the bottom.
Has anyone any idea what gun it was developed for.
I'm assuming its a tank gun...........???? About the same period as when the Conqueror 120mm was brought in (this case is 1954 dated) - could they have tried a 105mm at the same time??



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Its all gone a bit quiet out there guys, has anyone any ideas about this one please?

Conquerer HV 105 mm ?

Still feel it may have been a smaller higher velocity version of the 120 fitted to Conquerer Dave !

The reasons are;-

A. Heavy duty case with a very thick rim like the 120mm version.

B. I think the dates are also about the right era.

C. I have seen a mention of a smaller higher velocity Gun for the Conquerer-blowed if I can remember where though ?
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