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105mm fletchette carrier shell


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thought you may like to see this shell, it's a 105mm carrier shell, partly sectioned, to show the fletchette carousels. The fletchettes are held together in long strips by being glued onto 2 lengths of thin cotton, coiled into each carousel. The shell is made of aluminium. Anyone know anything about this item - I suspect it is a trials round. Dave
I'll check my files tomorrow morning and see what I have. I've got basic id info on most, but a few are still hard to find much on. A lot of the flechette stuff was not well documented in the general manuals.
Sorry so slow, I'm easily side-tracked.

Based on personal experience, this is probably the most common flechette projectile found in private/military collections. I've got photos of 6-7 different ones from here and there.

The projectile is actually the XM / M380, the cartridge was designated the XM / M546. It carries approximately 8000 flechettes. The original post was incorrect in that the flechettes are not glued to anything, the threads just act as a sort of bandoleer. Lift the end or move them and they will fall free immediately - keep away from idiots and children or you will have a large mess and no more group of flechettes. I suspect that the original post was noting glue due to the round being a cutaway.

XM380E2 (BEEHIVE).jpg
Thanks for the info guys.
So, when these things are manufactured is there some sort of automation as to how the 8000 flechettes are packed into the shell, of is it down to some poor person laboriously packing them in order?