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10cm Kanone 04 Case


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This case is my latest car boot buy, I got it this morning for 12, which the chap said was its "price in scrap brass". It is headstamped "Karth"? at 12 O'Clock in calligraphy style writing at 12 0'Clock, what does this mean?

The rest of the headstamp is: "88 PATRONENFABRIK KARLSRUHE JAN 1915" and "[Crown over Ke over 11].

The primer is marked "Schlgzdschr14 (no vowels in that word!?) and "ELSb" in calligraphy style writing. It is a 16mm 3 slot screw-in type.

This case is actually 2mm shorter than it should be, but as it was a separately loaded gun I suppose that's where it split after it was fired and was cut down and re used as 2mm less length on a separately loaded case apparently makes no difference.

It has another small split in the neck, which is quite badly mis shapen, but I am going to try and re shape it and possibly have someone silver solder the small split shut on the inside of the case neck.

Any info would be helpful
Thanks for the info, I was told on another forum that this marking is used on cases for separately loaded rounds.

Hi falcon,when dealing with cases for seperate loading of this era you will find variations in case length,your quoted 2mm wouldnt neccesarily mean the case had been cut down. Look inside the case mouth for the original machine marks and traces of laquer where the case was originally sealed with its charge inside. As for repairing the case,the heat involved in soldering will further stress the metal.To stop the split getting worse,drill a tiny hole ie,1.5mm at the end of the split to stop it,or just leave it alone. Always store brass cases in a temp stable enviroment with low humidty to stop further stress/corrosion damage.Tony.:smile:
The technician at college helped me anneal it to stop the crack going any further, and this will hopefully stop any more from happening. I might still drill the hole. It doesn't matter about affecting the colour of the metal either with that as it would have looked like that before it was inevitably polished as is usual with those artillery cases.
Hi Falcon,Its really good to see someone young taking a proper interest in Engineering.I never even thought about annealing the case,Sounds like a good college your at! Got a pic?Best Tony.
A bit late, but here is a photo of the case: